2017-2018 September SAC Minutes

September SAC (9-18-2017)

In attendance: Peter Mosby, Stacey Chamaty, Jen Virdin, Jacob Clay, Collin Cacchione, Jen Johnson, Janet Bartot, Ashli Maldonado

Positions for chairperson, co-chair, RRE Staff, PTO rep and recorder filled as follows:

Chairperson: Stacey Chamaty (VM) (Filled 17-18) Co chair: Jen Virdin (VM) (Filled 17-18)
DAC liaison: Stacey Chamaty (VM) (Filled 16-17) RRE Staff: Jacob Clay (VM) (Filled 17-18)

Parent: Collin Cacchione (VM) (Filled 17-18) Parent: Jen Johnson (VM) (Filled 17-18)
RRE Staff: Janet Bortot (VM) (Filled 17-18) PTO: Ashli Maldonado (VM) (Filled 17-18) Principal: Peter Mosby (VM)

Community Member: John Carroll (VM)

Discussion about function of the SAC, how meetings are coordinated and how often committee meets. The school website has a link to the SAC webpage and resources are available there ie. by-laws, agendas, previous minutes etc.

Motion to add 2 new voting members – teacher/parent. That would bring the total votes to 9. All for. None against.

Jen motioned to add an additional meeting in October to go over district budget videos, discuss sample survey and look at budget that is due. Meeting will be October16 2 3:45 PM. Motion 2nd by Mr. Mosby. All for. None against.

Q&A with DAC Officer spokesperson Marco

Suggestion put forth by Stacey to cancel March 2018 SAC meeting due to conflicting events and instead have meeting 7 May 2018.

School budget will be reviewed at the October meeting.

Student count is at 537. Projected count was 552. There are no cuts due to roll-over funds.

Agenda proposal for next meeting: Review budget videos
Go over sample survey
Review school budget

Go over UIP