2015-2016 September SAC Meeting

September SAC - 15/16

Need 3 voting parent members

Susie Eihlers - chair/ voting member/parent
Michelle Grider voting member / FoRR liason/ co-chair
Mike Carver voting member (1 year)
Jenn Virdin - parent voting member
Louise - community
Misty Lott - voting staff member
Shannon DiCamillo - teacher / recorder
Stacey - DAC -


per Peter via Julie - role of SAC , unified improvement plan - find gaps and look at body of evidence and come up with goals for improvement plan. The plan goes through SAC and improves, critiques etc and then goes to the district and then to the state. This process is in limbo. Multiple teacher groups previously and have consolidated into BLT (Building Leadership Team)

BLT came up with Rock Ridge desired steps. Julie shared the BLT and Rock Ridge mission statement. She shared the following three focus goals.

  1. written, taught and assessed curriculum within IB planners including aligning them with district expectations

  2. communication with all stakeholders - newsletter, website, Facebook, sq

  3. climate - taking care of all people, students, staff, parents. Safety is also part of this goal

Enrollment - We exceeded our budget and student projection expectations. We are adding an additional EA - increasing volunteer coordinator hours - additional ½ day kindy

Not accepting open enrollment for 6th grade at this time.

Questions or concerns about what are the parents focus concerns?

Total enrollment - 596 Projection was 570

Discussion of time change possibility.

Parent involvement vs parent input. - Really working on increasing parent involvement -