Useful Links

(The Rockalingua student user ID and password are both RRESpanish)
"Encanto" Spanish Music Videos and Lyrics
La Granja/The Farm Project
"Donde Viven Los Monstruos" ("Where the Wild Things Are") Slideshow

a video of me reading "Where the Wild Things Are" in Spanish

Un Truco Matemático

Math Trick Explanation

 Fortune Teller Questions and Answers Slide Show

Fortune Teller (print and cut off all borders)

How to Fold and Use the Fortune Teller

Instructions on using the fortune teller to practice Spanish
La Señorita Amarilla

La Señorita Amarilla, Part 2

La Señorita Amarilla, Part 3

Day of the Dead "Ofrenda" Project
Video of Sr. Harvey reading the day of the dead article, with added commentary.

Day of the Dead article

Day of the Dead questions to answer

Day of the Dead guided reading slideshow

Animated Day of the Dead Video Short

Rockalingua Día de los Muertos video

Rockalingua Día de los Muertos story

Rockalingua Día de los Muertos story 2



Aficiones Cuento/Hobbies story (cut-and-paste on pages 18-19)

Aficiones Cuento/Hobbies story (cut-and-paste on pages 20-21)

Gustar Slide Show

Gustar (whole packet, first pages handwritten)

Gustar (first two pages typed, with link to whole packet)

Wildebeest slideshow (with link to video)

"Wildebeest" Script

On the walls of my classroom

Feelings/Emotions in Spanish ("¿Cómo te sientes?" --not the song)

Los Números

Spanish math problems worksheet

More Spanish Math Problems

"Los Pollitos" Slide Show

Video of Sr. Harvey singing and doing gestures for "Los Pollitos"

Colors and Numbers Story and Cut-and-Paste (pages 16 and 17)

Color matching games