Psychologist - Steven Kelley

Steven Kelley


I am Steven Kelley, the Rock Ridge Elementary School Psychologist. You can reach me at 303-387-5180 or [email protected]. I will be at Rock Ridge Monday through Friday, full time.

I earned my Masters in School Psychology from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in the same field.  Additionally, I have received my certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as of September 2017.

The Rock Ridge Elementary School Mental Health Team consists of Eric Brosch, our School Social Worker, Gerri Dionisio, our school psychologist, and myself. Together we provide social and emotional skill building services for students in our school. We work closely with classroom teachers and the Special Education team to ensure that our students have the tools they need to manage emotional responses to frustrating situations, as well as manage behaviors both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our primary curriculum is the Zones of Regulation: a program designed to teach students how to identify their emotional states and apply coping skills to regulate their behaviors, as well as teach concepts such as social thinking (considering the impact your actions have on others, and how the actions of others impact you).

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at the e-mail address or phone number listed above.  Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!