2015-2016 November SAC Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary

School Accountability Committee Minutes

November 4, 2015

1. DAC report: ( Stacey Chamaty): Stacey reported to us about the Choice Fair. There will be a RRE table and there are plans to have an area dedicated to SAC so people can learn about SAC. Calendar proposals were presented and Peter acknowledged that principals will be meeting to decide if they would like to approve a new calendar that will eliminate the two teacher work days before Fall and Spring break and add them to the week of Thanksgiving instead so we could have a whole week off at Thanksgiving. The DAC will also be focusing on district assessments. (Feeder schools for DCHS voted to move forward with procedures to adjust the calendar for 2016-2017 school year that would have the week of Thanksgiving off.)

2. Staff Report (Misty Lott): Misty reported about the in-service day on Tuesday, November 3. She discussed the filter system that they were introduced to that will help teachers make sure that what they are teaching is relevant. They also had time to work on planners as a grade level and have other grade levels look at their planners to make sure that they were on the right track.

3. PTO report (Michelle Grider): The monster mash was a success. No numbers to report at this time, but thank you to all who helped make it a success! ($1,100.00 was reported on November 5th by Student Council)

4. Parent Survey: We discussed sending out a simple open-ended survey simply asking about celebrations and concerns about RRE. We agreed that keeping it open ended would be a true inclination of what is truly good and or bad about RRE experience without leading with specific questions. Shannon had expressed concern for our purpose in doing this and it was explained that we just want a picture of anything that is concerning that we can improve upon or things that we can acknowledge that are going right. It was decided to wait until the DCHS feeder school meeting took place on Nov 5th and to include request for feedback from stakeholders regarding possible calendar adjustment for 2016-2017. Mr. Mosby will send out the survey.

5. Scream Street/Monster Mash: Our discussion of parent survey led us to scream street. We all agreed that it was a fun, successful night, but had a few concerns. We discussed some possible changes for next year including limiting the amount of times each student could go through Scream Street. It was observed that students who went through Scream Street several times began to make poor choices. One possible solution would be to stamp hands as they enter Scream Street with a set maximum number of visits/stamps allowed. We also discussed requiring non- RRE students to be accompanied by their parents, not coming as guests, and no middle/high schoolers allowed unless they were volunteering.

6. Principal Report (Peter Mosby): Peter told us about a new incentive program that he was carrying out for teachers with the best attendance record quarterly. Misty and Peter discussed the teacher morale for this program and it was determined that it is a positive program and staff is generally supportive. He expanded on the calendar proposal and assured us that because of the concern and change last year to align the calendars from elementary to high school, that the principals will only agree to the Thanksgiving change if Mesa and Douglas County are going to accept it.

7. Open forum: We are going to be a pilot school for health and wellness and it was asked if we would be willing to take on any Eagle projects that could support us. We also discussed the run for funds money. Some things have been purchased already: a laptop cart and two robotic systems. The technology committee is now deciding where the remainder of funds should be used.

Next Meeting: Tuesday December 8.