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Tricia Bostwick

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My name is Tricia Bostwick. This is my 10th year at Rock Ridge Elementary. I have worked with children for over twenty years within a variety of contexts. Besides raising six children of my own, I have operated a daycare center, volunteered extensively at local schools and churches, served as a school administrative assistant and a para-educator, and completed my degree in elementary education and K – 12 Special Education with aspirations to see the children I’ve taught grow into successful adults.

Sixth grade is an exciting time for your child and an important year for setting up their future academic success. I want you to know that I have great expectations for every student and will be working with each of them to develop a learning plan that continues the progress they have made in elementary school.

I believe the most effective learning environment for children stems from a constructive partnership between educators and parents. That said, I want you to know that my door is open for you. If you have concerns regarding the curriculum, discipline or other issues, I ask that you contact me either before or after school, so that we might discuss this privately without disrupting instruction time. The best way to contact me is via e-mail at I am looking forward to a great year!