Parent Information

2018 - 2019

Arrival/Dismissal:   Students may arrive starting at 8:20.  Upon arrival they enter through the front doors and head to class. Students will not be supervised prior to 8:20.  1st bell is at 8:30 and tardy bell rings at 8:35. If they are not in the classroom by 8:35 they will be marked tardy. School dismissal is at 3:30. 

RRE info: Download the RRE app from the Google or Apple stores to get alerts and school info.

Behavior Expectations: 

Most behavior problems are dealt with in the classroom.  If difficulties arise on a regular basis I will notify you by email or phone.  If at anytime, you have questions or concerns about your child’s behavior please contact the teacher. 

Snacks and Water Bottles:  Students should bring a small healthy snack and water bottle (water only) to school everyday. We keep our snacks and water bottles together in a central location in our classroom, so PLEASE write your child’s name on his/her snack and water bottle with a Sharpie marker.  

Lunch:  You may print monthly lunch menus and get info about paying towards your student’s lunch account at

Each student has a school lunch account with a specified lunch account number.  Checks made towards your student’s lunch account should be made to RRE and sent with your child to school.  If you send money, please put it in an envelope or baggie labeled with his/her name and student ID number.

Birthdays:   Please use this link to read the RRE Birthday Treat Policy.  Due to the high number of students with severe food allergies and special dietary concerns and Rock Ridge’s emphasis on health and wellness, birthday celebrations may no longer include food. Please save birthday cakes and cupcakes for your home celebration. Please DO NOT have your child hand out birthday invites at school.  This often causes hurt feelings if not all students are invited. 

Specials:  You can find the specials schedule on the 3rd Grade website.  When we have Gym please have your child bring or wear a pair of tennis shoes.

Volunteers:  I would love to have volunteers in the classroom. Please visit Volunteer Central for more information. Brittany Shiner is our volunteer coordinator.

Transportation:  It is our responsibility to ensure all my students leave school safely. We will send your child home on their normal route unless you notify the main office.  All changes in dismissal MUST be done through calling the front office. Most often, we are not able to check email until after school.

Toys from Home, Personal Treasures, and Personal Owned Devices (PODs):

Please see RRE's policy on PODs. In order for a student to be allowed to use their POD at school, parents will need to fill out the POD permission slip that can be found on the RRE website. We will allow PODs in the classroom when we feel it will be beneficial to the student's learning, otherwise the device will need to be kept in the student's backpack or at home. 

Toys and Personal Treasures should be kept at home. They can be a distraction to the learning environment. This includes fidget spinners and other "fidgets". 

Homework Policy 3rd 2018-2019


Homework has two important purposes:

  • to provide students with independent practice and reinforcement of previous learning

  • to provide opportunities for vital parent-school partnerships

Our reasons for assigning homework:

  • reinforce previous learning

  • improve retention of learning

  • promote development of study skills, including time management

  • develop a student's sense of responsibility and self-discipline

  • inform parents about the curricula and of their child's progress

  • develop student parent learning connection  students see parents care about learning


  • can be unfinished schoolwork, in addition to specific homework assignments

  • should be clear and specific so that students can complete the assignment

  • should be reviewed with students to guide further instruction

  • is not busy work (redundant practice of same skills)


The time spent at home will vary from student to student depending upon organizational ability, work habits, aptitude for particular subjects, and grade level.  The following time frames are guidelines for homework IF homework is assigned (in addition to time spent completing unfinished school work):


Third Grade         30 minutes        Daily independent reading is the top homework priority.


Homework Responsibilities:

Student expectations:

  • completion of homework

  • asking questions when needed

  • use planner to record homework assignments (grades 3-6)

  • take all necessary materials home

  • bring finished work to school and turn it in

  • establish a homework schedule and routine with family


Contact Info:

Jolie Bradley -

Kelly Youngberg -

Keith Cox -

303-387-5150 (main office at school)