2014-2015 October SAC Minutes

October 2nd, 2014

Rock Ridge Elementary

SAC Minutes

October 2nd, 2014

In attendance: Peter Mosby, Susie Eilers, Mike Carver, Lynette Otero, Michelle Grider, Shannon DiCamillo, Christie Earnest, Kevin Larsen

Voting members were decided upon: (VM)

Susie Eilers (VM)/Michelle Grider (VM)– 1 year left on term

Mike Carver (VM)/Carl Anderson (VM)– 2 year term starts today

Shannon DiCamillo (VM)


Chairperson: Susie Eilers

Co-chair: Michelle Grider

DAC liason: Mike Carver/Carl Anderson

Recorder: Lynnette Otero

Principal Peter Mosby instructed how to go on RRE website to get to the SAC information and how to find the Strategic Plan for the district.

Watched the DCSD Superintendent Liz Fagen video of an overview of the strategic plan.

Principal Mosby discussed and reviewed the outline of the staff meeting from 9-3-2014 in which the teachers reviewed the district strategic plan and outlined where RRE aligns with the plan as well as where RRE needs to improve. 

Key Points:

System performance: Tuesday team meetings have been implemented. Each child is assessed to see how they are progressing. Goals for each child are set either for 1 year growth or to grade level, whichever is greater. Each case is evaluated for the need for an RTI (response to intervention)

There are no salary caps. Highly Effective teachers will get the higher percentage raises. This doesn’t affect the principals budget.

The staff is working on translating district and IB terminology for alignment.

Safety – doors locked, scanning people for entrance, bright vests, student light house, safety officers, and alignment with the district.

Next steps – playground monitoring and supervision, cafeteria and hallway safety, analyze security at doors, working on common language subfolders. 

Choice – RRE is very attractive for its IB program, breakfast, leader in me, staff development, activities etc

Next steps – finish RRE video, continue to develop pathways, continue to add to new user friendly website, SAC marketing plan, leadership data notebooks, etc

Principal Mosby asked SAC to look at the Strategic Plan and he will take recommendations from SAC next meeting.

Question was asked about the issue of a new testing assessment possibility. Principal Mosby stated he didn’t see it affecting RRE in the near future.

Kevin Larson the president of the school board discussed further, stating the district is trying to champion how we can use the assessments in the best way for the kids. They are looking for relief from tests that aren’t helping.

Lastly Principal Mosby asked SAC their opinion of RRE calendar. SAC voted to recommend RRE move to the conventional schedule as to align with middle school and high school with a vote of 4-0 all in favor.

Next Sac Meeting:

October 28th, 2014

Library, 3:45-4:45


October 28th, 2014

Rock Ridge Elementary SAC minutes

October 28, 2014

In attendance: Peter Mosby, Julie Roach, Susie Eilers, Mike Carver, Carl Anderson, Shannon DiCamillo, Christie Earnest, Michelle Grider, Melinda Thompson, JoAnn Byrne, Louise Costello

Strategic Plan:

We were asked if we had any other questions regarding the strategic plan after reviewing it on our own after the last meeting. There were no questions.

Principal Update:

Technology: There is a technology team made up of teachers who learn about new technology, and discuss and determine what our buildings needs are for technology. They meet every third Tuesday of the month at 730. The meetings are open to parents if interested. About half of this year’s Run for Funds earnings are being used towards 5-6 desktops that are needed in classrooms.

New Hires: We were able to hire a half-time volunteer coordinator who will work with parent volunteers in the classrooms and building and will get the watchdog program up and running again. We also hired a part time aide for full day kindergarten, and another EA.

Calendar update: The community vote was about 70% in favor of changing to a conventional calendar, SAC and staff also voted for the change. It will be submitted to the district this week and we will find out our final calendar for the next school year in January or February.

Promotional video: We viewed the new promotional video of RRE which was done by the district. It will be posted on the district website and our website. Further marketing strategies using the video and other tools will be discussed at the next SAC meeting.

Questions/other discussion:

TV in lobby will be used as an advertisement and communication tool.

All projectors in classrooms are being mounted on ceilings.

Preschool is getting a laptop computer for their classroom from the Run for Funds earnings.

Banners that Mike brought in last meeting are not allowed to be hung on the building so other options are being looked into. Two of the banners are hanging in the hallways.

We are 18 kids short of projection this year. We have to pay that money back to the district so marketing is very important to get some kids back to our school to increase our funding. The question was raised on whether we really wanted more kids because class sizes are ideal this year. We would like to keep our class sizes down, but it is difficult to maintain this with the funding.

Agenda items for next meeting on November 18th:

Reasoning for discontinuing AR

Marketing strategies

DAC update

Principal Update