Programs Available

Before School  6:30am-8:30am
Located in the cafeteria 
$11/per session/child

Our Before School Program is located in the cafeteria.
In the Before School Program children have the opportunity to "wake up" in a relaxed environment and have a smooth transition into the school day. Children are able to choose from a variety of games and activities, eat their breakfast, or do any extra homework. On different occasions children will be able to enjoy crafts, play games in the gym, or run on the playground.
After School 3:30pm-6:00pm
Located in the cafeteria 
$12.50/per session/child
Our After School Programs central location is in the cafeteria.
Once the bell rings, attendance is taken then we begin our afternoon. We may spend time in the cafeteria, the gym, the tech lab, the Kindergarten Enrichment room, and of course we will play outside on the playground. Children will be given time to eat a snack if you wish to supply it, or we will supply a small healthy snack.
Full Day Program 6:30am-6:00pm
Located in the cafeteria and assorted exciting destinations
$34/per session/child
Plus additional activity fee per child 
Our Full Day Programs central location is in the cafeteria.
The Full Day Program is offered on specific days, and seasonal breaks, when children are not attending school. On Full Days we incorporate a balance of social interaction, academic learning, engaging crafts, off site field trips and physical education to make the day exciting and meaningful to your child. We have set the expectation at Rock Ridge BASE that every student be "Respectful, Responsible, and Ultimately Successful." They are also encouraged to make friends, have FUN and GROW!