2015-2016 March SAC Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary
School Accountability Committee Minutes
March 8th, 2016

FoRR- Silent Auction this week Friday 11th
Concern of amount of people who have signed up to come but not for food.
May 1st 5K 1:00 pm

DAC - winter forum -

  • SAC 101 information

  • master plan meeting- presentation

  • show of hands of who thought they needed a bond most people said yes but only ¾ thought it would pass

  • board presentation

  • feeder group presentations

Administration - Peter Mosby

  • parent survey - no major concerns - possibly find or determine some minor concerns

  • I am familiar with Rock Ridge Parent group, FoRR

  • Art position has been posted

  • Mr. Jacobson will not be returning next year as his wife needs to move for her job.

  • 6th grade will stay the same

Final discussion about two final meetings. Possible change to schedule for next year. Schedule SAC after DAC meeting for next year.