2014-2015 April SAC Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary SAC Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2015

In attendance: Peter Mosby, Susie Eilers, Melinda Thompson, Shannon DiCamillo, Louise Costello

Principal Update:

Budget: Our budget for next year is currently based on a projected enrollment of 577. The district is actually predicting our enrollment at 560, so the budget was figured with this in mind and currently shows a positive balance to account for the money we may be required to pay back. If we start the year with a higher enrollment, we will be able to use that surplus to support more students. The proposed budget for next year allows for 3 classroom teachers at all grade levels, except 1st and 4th where there will be 4 classroom teachers. The only other changes to staff are that the Spanish teacher will now be a .6 position, and there will be 3 EA’s instead of 4. There are also a few non-discretionary positions that will be changing, but those changes take place at the district level. The other parts of the budget that go to supplies, trainings, etc, are very similar to last year’s budget and Mr Mosby is using this year’s expenses to budget for those items. When he submitted the budget, Mr Mosby also asked for a few additional items that will need to be accepted and approved. He asked for RRE to be a weatherbug station which would mean that our school would be a location for the weather app that predicts and reports weather. It would help with safety when needing to monitor lightning and inclement weather and it would also provide a live feed that could be used for instruction at all grade levels. He also asked for money to support a robotics program at RRE. We also discussed using fundraising money from next year’s Run for Funds to help support the weatherbug station and for additional technology support. As far as the remainder of this year, Mr Mosby is using up any funds that will not be able to carry over to next year. There are some parts of the budget that can carry forward to the next year, but we will most likely not have a carry over.

Next SAC meeting:

Our final meeting for the year will be on Tuesday, May 26 at 3:45. We will be discussing an overview of the year and a few more details for next school year. Hope to see you there.