Dress Code

  1. The following are NOT approved for school wear:

    •   Pants with holes above the knee;

    •   See-through clothing;

    •   Sleeveless shirts, dresses, halter tops, tank tops and spaghetti straps;

    •   Deep-scooped necklines, short shorts and shorts that do not extend past the bottom of the shirt;

    •   Clothing that shows the bare midriff, bare back, bare shoulders or portions of the buttocks;

    •   Rubber and/or metal cleats, bare feet; pajamas, bedroom shoes, or other sleepwear;

    •   Articles of clothing which advertise or display the symbols of drugs, tobacco products

      or alcoholic beverages;

    •   Clothing which displays or implies profane, vulgar, obscene or racially offensive language,

      symbols or sexual innuendo;

    •   Emblems, insignias, writing, graphics, pictures, badges, tattoos or other symbols where the effect

      thereof is to unreasonably attract the attention or cause disruption of a class or disruption or

      interference with the operation of the school;

    •   Hats, sunglasses and caps, visors, skull caps, do rags, headbands and bandanas etc. (All hats

      and caps shall be properly stored during the school day).

    •   Hoods of any type must not be pulled up on head.

    •   Chains hanging from wallets or clothing; dog collars or electronic belt buckles.

    •   Display or wearing of any gang articles, paraphernalia or clothing that can be construed as being

      gang related (e.g., bandanas, sweat bands, head rags, T-shirts, jerseys, jackets, etc.);

    •   Jewelry that is offensive; distracts or is studded or pointed, including “grills” and heavy chains;

    •   Any hairstyle or coloring and body piercings which causes a distraction to the learning


    •   Clothing worn in a manner inconsistent with the intended design (ex.: exposure of clothing designed and sold as undergarments, rolled up pants legs, bandanas used as belts, etc.).


    •  Shoes with any type of wheels or other rolling apparatus. 


    •   Uniforms for school related activities are acceptable if approved by school administrators. Female cheerleaders must wear warm-ups under cheerleading uniforms except during games and pep rallies.

    •   School administrators may alter the dress code for special occasions or extracurricular activities.

    •   Parents of students who require an exemption from the dress code for religious, cultural, or short-term medical reasons may make application to the principal.