2015-2016 January SAC Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary
School Accountability Committee Minutes
January 12th

FoRR - (Susie) Two fundraisers coming up. Rink at the Rock this Thursday - 4:00-8:00 15% back to the school. Alyson will be sending a push notification.
26th of January is the Smart Cow fundraiser- no need to let them know.
FoRR meeting tonight at 6:00

DAC - (Stacy)

  • The parent liaison for Parent University is looking for topics.

  • Talked about the UIP and use it for this year. It is difficult but work with what we have.

  • Budget update from Scott Smith - projections going out SBB to be completed next week for 2016/2017

  • Moved up date for better hiring practices.

  • Recommendations around spending and budget talk to Peter about carry over.

  • Amendment 64 - only money for new schools in certain districts and by grant

  • PPR next year will be $103

Peter/Admin -

  • UIP- Addressing academic concerns from PARK data.

  • There is no true baseline score because it is a completely different test.

  • BLT - Discussed purpose and training involved- informational - Discussed building plan and goal. Alignment of stage 1 and stage 2.

  • Later in year will be communication …

  • Peter shared feelings of BLT being very beneficial as teachers are bringing valid pertinent information to the table.

  • Rollover funds: Goal is to rollover $50,000. To use as a cushion for staff as enrollment varies so much. Direction is support for teachers in the classroom.

  • No open enrollment for 4th - 6th for 2016/17. Accepted all from K-3rd.

Staff Report (Shannon and Misty)

  • Grant Report

  • Peter - Archery grant from Cabelas and National Wildlife

  • Makers Space - Successes - All 3 5th grade classes - Connecting to literature, students ended or created another ending to the story.

  • Jenn Rapp - She Rocks!

2 Minute - •

  • Report Cards????

  • Are the Specials teachers back? - no, but we have long term subs.