Art - Lauren Gonzalez

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 Welcome Back!        

      Hello Everyone! My name is Lauren Gonzalez I received my B.F.A from Flagler College in St.Augustine Florida. In the 2018/2019 school year I accepted my first full time teaching job at Ponte Vedra High School where I taught 3D/Sculpture. I just moved to Colorado from Florida this past summer and look forward to teaching at Rock Ridge Elementary. I enjoy painting and creating 3D mixed media works in my spare time. I live in Castle Rock with my Fiance and two cats! 

Remote Learning

For remote learning please go to see saw or google classroom to see the assignment you have for the week.

Below is what each grade is working on:

kindergarten- Hand art

1st & 2nd - Ice cream snowman art

3rd- Dragon art

4th- Optical illusion art

5th & 6th- Cityscape art

Please go to my youtube channel and click on the title for your grade. My youtube channel is called "rock ridge art class" here is the

You may do other video's on there if you finish your assignment first.

If you have any problems or questions please email me at [email protected]