2014-2015 November SAC Minutes

November 18, 2014

SAC meeting November 18, 2014 – in attendance Peter Mosby, Jen Johnson, Mike Carver, Carl Anderson, Melinda Thompson and Lynnette Otero.

  1. Minutes from last months meeting were accepted.
  2. The AR program will be discontinued.
    1. Why? Yearly cost is $7,000 with only 40% of teachers using it and the majority were using it as a word counting system. It was not being used like it was supposed to be, so Principal Mosby explained that he could not justify the cost.
    2. AC members asked what RRE has in place to motivate kids for reading? Ideas were tossed around. There were differing opinions on how teachers would assess for comprehension.
    3. Principal Mosby will invite Pam Gutierrez to the January meeting to further look into this concern.
  3. Image Strategies
    1. RRE has their website up and running with a new video.
    2. Different clubs will have a blurb on the website.
    3. Advertising – question was asked if RRE pays for all of the advertising mentioned. Principal Mosby stated the only thing the school budget paid for was the TV which is like an indoor marque. Everything else was paid for by the district or donated.
    4. RRE has an environmental club that is working on applying image ideas into action.
    5. RRE is getting an app which will be mobile friendly and will be able to push out communication.
  4. Budget issues discussed
    1. IB and Leader in Me – they are basically the same thing and there has been a lot of confusion on whether RRE is IB or Leader in Me. After polling the teachers, 75% think that RRE should be only an IB school. So, we are not going to be a Leader in ME school. We may use some of the ideas but we are an IB school. Most believed the leader in me program was covered by grants, but it was discovered that the grants only covered $45,000 of the cost. The remaining $30,000 will be a $6,000 bill for 5 years starting the 2013-2014 school year. Principal Mosby is working with the district to come up with some solutions to paying this bill.
    2. RRE is short on their student projections. It was 650 and we are at 632. So RRE would be responsible to pay back 18 x $3700 per student. Again, Principal Mosby is working on a solution with the district.
    3. The question was asked about a mention in the DAC report about “District Innovation dollars” and what that meant. The money goes into things like repaving sidewalks around the mobiles, repainting lines in the parking lot, and currently more handicapped stalls are coming up.
  5. The DAC report from October was reviewed. The November meeting was cancelled. 
  6. Calendar change
    1. AC agreed to forward the recommendation of the calendar change to the district.
    2. Principal Mosby’s research showed: 75% community support, 100% SAC support, 80% staff support and Zero conflict with the district.
    3. This was not submitted in October because the District piece was missing.
    4. This is a 2 -3 year commitment but it can be changed by going through the proper channels.
  7. New business
    1. New Volunteer coordinator position is going great. This person finds volunteers to do things like the book room, book fairs, and watchdogs.
    2. Watchdogs is a group of primarily men who are an extra set of eyes around the building. They can sign up for all day or ½ day shifts and with some exceptions can go anywhere in the buildings.
  8. On the agenda for January meeting
    1. Principal Mosby to arrange with Pam Gutierrez to speak with SAC
    2. Principal Mosby to share the UIP (Unified Improvement Plan)
    3. Principal Mosby to update SAC on how he is spearheading aligning IB terminology and district expectations.