King Sooper's Program


King Soopers has CHANGED how they will donate rewards to nonprofit organizations.

Up until now, you could purchase their re-loadable gift cards, and 5% of the amount paid using the card would be donated to the PTO.

As of April 1 that has ENDED.  Any amount you have on the card is still good and you can still use it for purchases, but if you add any new amounts on or after today, we will NOT earn a donation on that amount.

Instead, they have started a new program for COMMUNITY REWARDS effective immediately. Earnings will be based on you’re King Soopers loyalty card.  All that is required is you register Rock Ridge PTO as the organization that you wish to support.  Enroll your King Soopers Loyalty Cards online at their  website:

Select our organization either using our name, "Rock Ridge PTO", or using our assigned number, UT530

You must go online. It will not work with the app.

Once you complete this registration, every time you shop at King Soopers using your enrolled King Soopers Loyalty Card (or linked phone number), we will earn rewards.

Thank you for your continued support of the Rock Ridge PTO

Lydia Goodland
Rock Ridge PTO President