Jake Nezbeda

Attention RRE Families!

Better late than never! This is my official short and brief introduction letter. My name is Jakob Nezbeda, the students will call me Mr. Nezbeda, and it is my 17th year teaching over all, my eighth year at RockRidge. I was born and partially raised in the Czech Republic (hence the spelling of Jakob) and moved to America when I was 10 as a refugee. At RRE, I have served numerous roles from Building Leadership Team, Yearbook, and Student Council this year just to name a few. I have taught Third and Fifth grade as well, so it gives me good Background Knowledge where students are coming from, and where they should be headed. I'd say my favorite subject to teach is Mathematics, the one I take the most pride in though is teaching writing. As far as personal hobbies, I enjoy volleyball, skiing, rock climbing, chess, and attending church weekly or as often as possible. We will get more into snack, recess, and homework policy in the next few days. For email, it’s [email protected]. I try to read them and respond within at least 24 hours. On occasion I will lose an email in the shuffle, if that happens please resend it with an exclamation point. Okay that’s it for now! I will send a separate email classroom norms and common Q&A.