Spanish - Steven Harvey

Hello My Name Is...

Steve Harvey

¡Hola¡ My name is Steve Harvey. I am so excited to be teaching Spanish full-time at Rock Ridge Elementary School this year! I arrive here with lots of stories and adventures and a great love of teaching (and learning). I spent many years working and living and traveling abroad on three different continents, had a career in higher education teaching college classes and doing professional research, wrote an epic mythological novel, was a lawyer who did public policy research and analysis, and started a small nonprofit dedicated to improving public discourse that I still run. As a K12 teacher, I've mostly taught at the high school and middle school levels (Social Studies, Spanish, English Language Acquisition, and occasionally Math and Language Arts as well), but I really love working with elementary school students, and I love teaching Spanish! There is nothing more joyful than walking into a class full of smiling young faces ready to learn and laugh and celebrate life together! And teaching and learning Spanish is loads of fun!
I love to hike, cycle, swim, and am getting back into trail running (if I can manage to stop injuring myself), as well as read, write, and, yes, occasionally binge-watch a TV series online! I live in South Jeffco with my wonderful wife Dolores, our amazing teenage daughter Scheherazade, and our sweet but neurotic 75 pound lapdog Buttercup.