2015-2016 December Sac Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary
School Accountability Committee Minutes
December 8th

FoRR - (Michelle) Newsletter notes. They are doing the 12 days of Christmas right now. Next meeting is tonight at 6:00. Fundraisers coming up Papa John’s (December 10th) and Rink at the Rock (January 14th).

Staff Report (Misty) - Hour of Code for this week. Each teacher is encouraged to sign up for one hour of code. Coding will be the future literacy. Bee-Bots is one of the many activities teachers can sign up for.

DAC - The Universal Improvement Plan - Should be presented to SAC - Admin will present findings in January. Suggestions for topics for Parent University should be given to Kathy Brown the parent liaison. SAC bylaws will be changed in the future. EPR- Please bring back information from SAC from teachers about rollout.

Peter explained that all EPRs are foundationally the same but there is flexibility in creating them.
?? Choice of old EPR versus new EPR.
There is a concern about whether parents will be able to understand and read the report card.
Why are we switching the EPR? It aligns with our district strategic plan.

Questions about where Specials teachers are? Medical leave

Discussing class size vs technology. Other ways to increase technology in the classroom.

Admin: (Peter)
We have to wait to change calendar until 2017.

DAC new member orientation December 9th.
Parent University meeting on December 10th (Cantril building) for roll out of new SPED program.
Friday December 18th - No staff on the 18th.