Peter Mosby-Principal

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Peter Mosby

Poudre River Rafting

For those that are interested, here is a little background about myself.

I was fortunate to have a father who was in the Air Force which brought us to Puerto Rico for six years and the Philippines for two.  My mother was Hispanic and Spanish was our first language.  During our time in Puerto Rico, my brothers and I learned how to dive for lobsters, sail, surf, and fish. 

We then moved to Indian Hills, Colorado, just outside of Evergreen.  My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Homer and Principal Mr. Swanson took an active interest in my life shortly after my mother’s death.  Between the two of them, they gave me the support and direction that I needed to survive.  Mrs. Homer made sure that I had something to eat everyday as well as someone to talk to when I needed a good listener.  Mr. Swanson taught me how to tie flies for fly fishing and sent me to two leadership camps, both placing me on a path that impacted the rest of my life; a desire to help others learn and be successful.

 Hunting and fishing have had a huge impact on my life.  As a child, hunting and fishing were our methods of putting food on the table, a necessity for us to survive.  If we were not successful in the field, we did not eat as well.  Now, the outdoors is my opportunity to recharge and refocus, as well as the venue for family connections.  We take pride in our respect for nature and the skills we learned growing up.  I have been lucky enough to compete in Field and Stream’s Total Outdoorsman Challenge. A national competition between outdoorsmen and outdoors-women who compete in several different sportsman events.  My passion for the outdoors is something I share with others ranging from children to adults, teaching them how to hunt and fish as well as archery in the schools.

My first summer after my Freshman year I learned how to guide customers down the Colorado, Arkansas, and Poudre Rivers.  For the next 33 years, I have guided and continue to guide people from all over the world down Colorado’s infamous rapids. I have also been blessed to have experienced one of the great wonders of the world, eighteen days down the Grand Canyon, twice.

I have been involved with IB for 14 years at all levels (PYP, MYP and DP) and I am an IB workshop leader, consultant and school evaluator.  What this means is that I am continuously learning.  I consider myself a life long learner and strive to better myself so I can help others.  My decisions are done in collaboration with staff and other professionals with the main focus on what is best for the child.

I am blessed to be the principal at Rock Ridge Elementary.  We have outstanding staff who know how to teach and lead by example and work harder than any other group of teachers I have had the pleasure of working with.  Rest assured that Rock Ridge is the best school for your child.


Peter Mosby
Proud Principal of Rock Ridge Elementary