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Help us reach our $20,000 by aiming for $60 in pledges!


Before Run Day

Go to and use code 258-641 or look up Rock Ridge Elementary to create a page for your child. Use your child’s personal link when reaching out to family and friends through email, text, and social media to get sponsors. All pledges must be made through the site this year.

Rock Ridge Run Day

Cohort A, Wednesday Sept 23

Cohort B, Thursday Sept 24

Elearning, Thursday Sept 24

All students should wear running shoes and have their water bottles. Students will run/walk as many laps as they can around a 1/16 mile track in 30 minutes with students averaging around 30 laps.

Our e-learning friends can choose which way they would like to "run" their Run Day! 30 cartwheels, 30 minutes of bike riding, 30 times around the block on your skateboard. The sky is the limit!! Please email us at to let us know how you chose to celebrate your Run Day!!

Please note this year parents are not allowed on campus so we will not get to take part, but the amazing Mr. Lentz will be hosting the day! Our specials teachers, each classroom teacher and random other staff members will be out there throughout each Run day cheering our children on! There will be 3 tracks set up, one for each class, and students will start in staggered places on the track. The teachers and staff will help students keep track of their laps as they run.


Individual Prizes

Registration: Rock Ridge Bracelet

$1 per lap: Rock Ridge bracelet

$2 per lap: Rock Ridge Color Changing Cup

**Prizes are cumulative. Receive all prizes up to the total amount pledged**

Student with Highest Funds Raised -- Get to put pie in Mr. Mosby's face

Class Prize -- Roco The Eagle trophy to the top dollar class

School Prize -- If school reaches $20,000 Mr. Lentz will get duct taped to the flagpole


Friday Sept 18: Elearning Run Shirt Pick Up 9a

Wednesday Sept 23: Cohort A Run Day

Thursday Sept 24 : Cohort B Run Day AND Elearning Run Day

Monday Sept 28: Funds Due

Friday Oct 2: Elearning Prize Pick Up

Monday Oct 5: Cohort A Prize Day

Tuesday Oct 6: Cohort B Prize Day

If you have any questions please contact us at

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