2015-2016 May SAC Minutes

Rock Ridge Elementary
School Accountability Committee Minutes
May 10th, 2016

FoRR -


  • Resolution from DAC to the board, asking the board to “just get along’ - community is fractured- Next DAC meeting will be June 2016.

  • SAC 101 option for the fall/ training and presentation

ADMIN- Peter Mosby

  • Survey responses - happy with the number of responses - majority of responses were positive

  • Proposal to BLT for after school curriculum

  • Fall - teacher led conferences Spring - student led conferences

  • Bullying information for parents and staff in the fall

  • New staff - Kelly Youngbird - 2nd grade, Taylor Kunz - 2nd grade, Robin McWilliams - 3rd grade, (one more person for 3rd grade) Izzy will be retiring at the end of this year. Leuschner moving to 5th grade - Kelly Christon not coming back next year -

STAFF - Misty Lott

  • Teacher appreciation week - Kudos to FoRR and Jenn Rapp

  • Field Day - A lot of positive feedback. - well organized - all in one day -

2 minute - open microphone - Jen Virdin - library concerns times?