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 Welcome Back!        

      Hello Everyone! My name is Lauren Gonzalez I received my B.F.A from Flagler College in St.Augustine Florida. In the 2018/2019 school year I accepted my first full time teaching job at Ponte Vedra High School where I taught 3D/Sculpture. I just moved to Colorado from Florida this past summer and look forward to teaching at Rock Ridge Elementary. I enjoy painting and creating 3D mixed media works in my spare time. I live in Castle Rock with my Fiance and two cats! 

                                                    Remote Art at Home 

Below is the project for the week. This project is for K-6th Grade. It is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's art. Please click on the Goldsworthy PDF to get started. Please email me your finished art at the end of the week on Friday. Here is my email to send me your art .


Art Projects for Grades K-6th May 18th-22th:  Here is a link to the video for art this week

The video shows you how to do your art for this week. You are putting together a color wheel using objects around your house. Have fun!

***Again please email  your projects to me not your classroom teacher's, as they are already getting emails for their own classes***

Extra art Activities:  ***
Please keep in mind these are EXTRA art projects. These are not in replacement of the Andy Goldsworthy project for this month.  I will not accept any of theses projects below in replacement of the Goldsworthy project. These are just extra art activities for you to do if you have already complete the main project for the week and you want to do more. Any Grade level can do these extra art projects Click on the links below. Don't forget to email me a picture when you finish=) I will also post projects from this past month if you didn't get a chance to do them 
Dragonfly Art.pdf

Cherry Blossom Art.pdf
sidewalk chalk.pdf
Easter Art!.pdf
Earth Day Art.pdf
1st grade word art.pdf
2nd grade home projects.pdf
3rd grade alien monsters.pdf
4th Grade Gratitude Art.pdf

Victor Nunes Illustrations.pdf