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 Welcome Back!        

      Hello Everyone! This is The One And Only- Mr. Alcock back again for the fourth year with Rock Ridge!!! It has been a wonderful experience to grow with students, parents, and staff and look forward to stronger relationship as we continue to learn. We will be continuing with Original Works this year as we start the new school year. We will be implementing more recycled based artworks to inspire young generations to be more mindful of our environment.

Our Current Art Lessons...

How the World Works
Rainbow Castles
What's brighter than a pot of gold? 
Kindergarteners learning about shapes, colors and patterns
while creating their own castles.
Understanding How the World Works
with these "building blocks" in art
"builds a great foundation"
for future learning.

1st Grade
Where We Are in Place and Time
Fauvist Animals
The art of Henri Matisse has inspired artists across place and time.  
Using the images of animals that have been rescued and reside 
at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, 
1st graders will create art in the Fauvist style. 
Fauve in French means Wild Beast!

2nd Grade
Sharing the Planet
Patterned Animal Landscapes
Its a big world out there... 
and its one in which we share with lions and tigers and bears...
2nd graders will look at some responsibilities of sharing our plant.
and using stylized, patterned landscapes,
2nd graders will create art that celebrates this very big world.

3rd Grade
How We Organize Ourselves
TWAS Postcards
Children connect to animals. Understanding the plight and struggle 
that some animals have gone and are going through 
can prompt a young artist
to work toward making a difference in this world.
Having a positive impact is not dependent on age.  

3rd graders will design art that can be used as post cards to
promote the well being of captive exotic animals.

4th Grade
How the World Works
The Energy of Color
"Color is determined first by frequency and then by how those frequencies are combined or mixed when they reach they eye. This is the physics part of the topic. "
Science and Art have always been linked. 
4th graders will explore how colors are vibrations of energy
 and how color choice impact those who view art.
Vincent Van Gogh was masterful in his use of 
the impact of color. We will look to the art Vincent and others 
to gain better understanding 
of this connection to
how our world works.

5th Grade
How We Organize Ourselves
Medieval to Renaissance
The world did not wake up in 1492 and say, "Aren't we in the Renaissance?"
How we organize ourselves as artists is often dependent 
on the cultural structures around us.
The thoughts that framed art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
lived side by side. 
5th graders will identify this shift in thinking 
through works art and their patrons.
5th graders will create their own paintings based on 
themes common to both periods of time.

6th Grade
Who We Are
The Nature of Self
Wanting to understanding who we are has filled the world of art
with a multitude of self-portraits. 6th graders will
use the expressive features and qualities 
of art to create their own self portraits.
This portrait aims to reflect who they are
as artists and people
within and without. 
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