September 2019 Newsletter

September 2019 Newsletter
Posted on 09/10/2019

Dear Rock Ridge Community:

With our recent experience with crazy weather I want to thank all of you for your patience and support when we are forced to transition into a lightning dismissal here at Rock Ridge. This is always a challenging moment and something that we strive to streamline, maintaining a safe experience for everyone. With that said, please remember that with our lightning protocol, we will not release students if lightning has been within a 6-mile radius inside of a 30-minute window. We will have a yellow flag on the flag pole to signal that we are currently following our lightning protocol. Should you wish to enter the building to retrieve your child you have that option. However, I would recommend waiting until we have deemed the area safe and begin releasing students.

Fall is an exciting time of year in Colorado and especially at Rock Ridge and Douglas County. At the time of writing this piece we are in the middle of Douglas County High School homecoming. We will have representation in the parade again, thanks to our student council, and the creation of a float that aligns with the homecoming theme, Under DC”, or under the sea. Thank you to Mr. Lentz, for pulling the float with his truck, Mr. Cox, Ms. Shea and the Rock Ridge student council for creating such a cool float. I am excited to be joining Mr. Lentz for our archery club kickoff. We will be starting Monday, September 30th with 4th-5th graders in the AM (7:30-8:30) and 6th-high school in the afternoon (3:45-4:45). Please be sure to complete the archery permission form so that your child can participate this year. We are optimistic for another strong showing in state and hope to be going to nationals for the 4th year in a row.

A couple of management details:

1. Please refrain from picking up your child after 3:00pm unless for a doctor or other urgent matter. After 3:00pm the office becomes very busy and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to have your child down to the front office in a timely manner.

2. After School Messages must be called in prior to 3:00pm because that is when they are delivered to students. Again, this is due to how busy the front office is towards the end of the school day.

Thanks again for helping Rock Ridge be an amazing place to work and go to school. Should you have any questions, concerns or celebrations, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Mosby, Principal

September Newsletter