September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter
Posted on 09/24/2018
Welcome to Colorado and our awesome, crazy weather. With that said, please remember that with our lightning protocol, we will not release students if lightning has been within a 6 mile radius inside of a 30 minute window. We will have a yellow flag on the flag pole to signal that we are currently following our lighting protocol. Should you wish to enter the building to retrieve your child you have that option. However, I would recommend waiting until we have deemed the area safe and begin releasing students.

Everyone ready to run? Our annual big fundraiser, organized by our PTO and RRE kicked off this past September 5th. The students laughed at my attempt to rollerblade and cheered loudly when it was announced that Mr. A will shave off his hair if we reach the $35K goal for the run. Donate what you can for a healthy choice fundraising campaign for Rock Ridge, Run 4 Rock Ridge! On September 18th and 20th don’t forget to attend Parent/Teacher night here at Rock Ridge. This is a great opportunity to see data about your child, where they currently are at academically and their goals for the end of the year. Your teacher will also be able to address how they plan on supporting your child in reaching their goals as well as be able to give parents ideas on what can be done at home.

Sometimes I have to remind everyone of specific protocols that we all should already be aware of. Here is a list of some of them:
● Please do not text and drive through the Rock Ridge parking lot
● Have students dressed for school. i.e. No hats (except for hat day), mid-thigh shorts, all undergarments covered, proper shoes and dress for weather. (We go outside above 20 degrees)
● The above dress code goes for adults as well.

EARLY CHECK OUT: Following the same policy as Douglas County High school, we will no longer be checking students out of class after 3:00pm. If you make advance notice via the attendance line or with a note to have your student leave after 3:00 pm, we can accommodate. However, anyone who comes in at 3:00 or after to check out their student will not be able to do so until dismissal. This includes phone calls past 3:00 to the main office regarding after school messages. We are simply unable to get students in that short of a time frame and manage the end of the school day. Teachers and staff are wrapping up the day and the disruption to the end of the day has become significant. Please plan on any early dismissals to occur prior to 3:00pm. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or email our attendance secretary, Mrs. Roach or Mr. Mosby.

Looking forward to a wonderful fall. Have a great month.
Peter Mosby, Principal

September 2018 Newsletter