October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter
Posted on 10/12/2021

Dear Rock Ridge Families,

Thank you everyone for your generous support of our Run 4 Funds fundraiser this year. What a huge turnout with generous contributions for our school. Our PTO will continue to use their portion of the funds to support staff and instruction at Rock Ridge through their grant program and Rock Ridge will be using funds to further enhance our technology and begin to bring our media center up to date with new books and resources. Your generosity also resulted in meeting our goal and thus, I myself having to eat a Cricket and Coach Lentz taking a pie in the face. (If you have not seen the pictures and video, check out the PTO Newsletter)

On another note, I was speaking with a parent during car loop and he shared how his son participates in the Quarter Midgets youth racing club. I was not familiar with this program and upon finding out more it reminded me of when I use to race my homemade go-cart up in the mountains where I grew up. (Much better organized and safer than my experience of course). He shared that kids of all ages are can participate and the organization that they belong to have opportunities for kids to test drive the Quarter Midget vehicles for $10. I wanted to share this unique opportunity in case your children may be interested in checking it out. You can find out more information at: PPQMA.com

Fall break is just around the corner and believe it or not, winter weather will be hear soon. Be sure to use this link for updates on school closures and late starts due to severe winter weather.

Thank you everyone again for all of your support. Our staff and I greatly appreciate you, our community.

Peter Mosby, Principal

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