January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter
Posted on 01/16/2019

Dear Rock Ridge Community:

It is finally looking like winter with our last snow fall and hopefully we have more to come. With the weather, I am sure that many of you saw that our Birthday Rock out front has broken apart. I had students submit their ideas of how this happened and had quite a variety of responses. The most popular idea came from Kindergarten who thought that the thunder broke it”. Most original was someone pulled a sword out of it”. Last Tuesday, I shared with the rest of the school some of the different ideas that were submitted as well as the winners who guessed correctly. What actually happened is an ice wedge developed within the boulder. There was a crack starting along the top and although we tried to seal it water still managed to seep down into the crack. Then with freezing temperatures the water expanded, then melted, then expanded, repeating the process until the water worked its way through the rock, causing it to break. We have plans to modify the current condition of the rock with some help from the district and hope to have it available for birthday announcements soon. Science with a real-world connection.

The Rock Ridge Archery club will be having the state tournament on February 3rd here at Rock Ridge. The 4th-5th grade tournament will take place starting at 7:30am and the 6th-8th grade tournament will begin at 3:45 that same day. All results are submitted to the state who will then recognize those shooters and teams that qualify for nationals. Parents are more than welcome to attend.

Should you have any questions, concerns or celebrations, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and have a toasty January.

Peter Mosby, Principal

January 2019 Newsletter