February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter
Posted on 02/18/2021
I hope this newsletter finds you warm after such a cold snap this past week. Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog from Pennsylvania did see his shadow and predicted another six weeks of winter. Phil has accurately predicted an early spring or extended winter accurately 100 times since 1887, a 75% accuracy rate. Based on our most recent weather, it looks like Phil might be right again.

Good news is the countdown has begun, at least for Spring Break that is just around the corner. When we return we will begin state testing (CMAS) for all 3rd -6 th graders in the areas of Math, Language Arts, and Science (5th grade). Testing will be ongoing through the month of April. For a schedule of our testing please check out our website for more details. (THE E-LEARNER SCHEDULE IS STILL BEING FINALIZED).

These assessments are used in addition to other benchmark assessments as evidence for proper student placement, the development of instructional strategies to meet the needs of individual students, and with the development of individual plans for learning. This data, when used with other pieces of evidence, is a crucial part of planning for next year’s instructional goals and strategies. In addition, this data is carried forward with each student moving to Mesa Middle School for their planning.

Finally, the information that is shared with parents gives us another format to gauge our student’s knowledge foundation. I urge you to share this information with your children when you receive the results at the end of the year so that your child has a better understanding of where they are academically. This will help your child understand where they excel as well as where they can benefit from additional support and focus. For those parents who are dropping off students along Heritage, please remember to follow all driving laws and not drop students off in no parking zones. This is for everyone’s safety and Castle Rock traffic police are monitoring the situation. Thank you everyone for making Rock Ridge Elementary a great place to learn.

Have a wonderful month and stay warm. PS: Make sure that you have purchased your yearbook in MYSCHOOL BUCKS!

Sincerely, Peter Mosby