August 2019 Newsletter

Posted on 08/13/2019
Dear Rock Ridge Families, Welcome back!

I am excited for everyone’s return for another great year and look forward to all the adventures that are in store for us. Our clap-in event was a huge success with lots of excited kids and families kicking off the school year. This year we had a special clap-in event for just the Kindergartners on Monday after the students completed the New Beginnings program. This year we are starting with a full time counselor thanks to the voters from last year’s elections. We welcome Stacy Hancock who will be overseeing our Rocket’s Landing room where students can receive emotional, social and academic support as well. Thank you, Rock Ridge community, for helping to make this happen. I would also like to thank a donor, David Anderson, who donated $300 towards the Archery program here at Rock Ridge. His donation is in memory of his father, Harold Anderson who was a three-time National Archery Champion. David wanted to give back to a program that honored the passion that his father had. Thank you, David and Harold for your generosity. A new school year brings many opportunities including the opportunity to become more involved with your neighborhood school. There are many ways you can be a part of RRE, including including joining our PTO, SAC (School Accountability Committee), Watch Dogs, volunteering in the classroom, helping out with a club, or just dropping by to have lunch with your student(s). Please take the time to check your calendars and make time to help make Rock Ridge a better place. It takes a Village. With the new school year, we also have some important dates. Please check the rest of the newsletter for upcoming events. You can also find these events on the school calendar. I would also like to welcome the following new teachers to Rock Ridge:

 Danielle Gilbert-Kindergarten
 Sarah Convissar-2nd Grade
 Drew Lentz -PE
 Lauren Gonzalez-Art
 Nathalie Valencia-Moderate Needs
 Stacy Hancock-Counselor
Be sure to give them a warm Rock Ridge welcome!

Peter Mosby, Principal

August Newsletter