April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 Newsletter
Posted on 04/15/2021

Hello RRE families:

Spring is here and with that comes our April showers and severe weather. I am including a reminder of what our new severe weather practice is with Covid so PLEASE review prior to our next lightning storm.

Severe Weather and Lightning (NEW COVID LIGHTNING PROCEDURES)
In situations where the weather is severe or the threat of lightning exists, Rock Ridge will hang a yellow flag on the front flagpole. Teachers will hold children in their classrooms. Parents need to park and come to the studentsrespective entrances/exits IF you desire to acquire your student prior to the severe weather ending. Parents can sign their students out at different exits around the building, depending on grade level.

  • Ms. Poalillo (Kindi), Pre-school and SSN will be checked out at their outside classroom doors.

  • AN, 5thand 6thgrade will be checked out at the playground doors.

  • Gilbert & Grider (Kindi) along with 1stgrade will check out at the 1stgrade door

    (southside doors)

  • 2ndand 3rdGrade will check out of the gym doors by the parking lot.

  • 4thgrade will check out of their classroom doors in the mobiles.

    Parents should provide the classroom teacher with an emergency release form that indicates alternate adults that can pick up students in the event of emergency/severe weather. Rock Ridge students will not be released to middle or high school students during severe weather dismissals. Buses will be held until safe to transport students. Walkers and bikers will be released once the severe weather has passed.

    If you have any questions please contact the office so that we can further explain the new safety procedures.

    We had our first virtual student lead conferences recently and the feedback was that it was well received and a success. Thank you all for your understanding and working with staff so that your students could celebrate their success.

    I want to give a big thank you to Lydia Goodland, Paula Graham and Alexous Montoya who served on the PTO board for the past six, two and two years, respectively. Thank you for your service, dedication and support of Rock Ridge. Under your watch we have grown as a community and a school for the betterment of our students. I look forward to working with the new board in the coming years.

    In closing our last day of school for students is May 25 . Teachers will be in the building on May 26th to close out reports and prepare classrooms for summer cleaning. After this date no one will have access to the building for the rest of the summer as they begin the Bond construction improvements for Rock Ridge. This is exciting because we will be returning to Rock Ridge in the fall to a new roof, HVAC system, some new floors, cabinets and more. Thank you, Rock Ridge families, for passing the bond that made this possible.


    Peter Mosby
    Principal, Rock Ridge Elementary