April 2020 Newsletter

Hello Rock Ridge:

I hope this note finds you all safe and healthy. Writing a newsletter is usually a lot easier than where I find myself today. To say that this is an unprecedented moment seems an understatement and thus, makes it difficult to come up with what to say. Times are tough. Those that have jobs that are deemed essential are working under stressful conditions while others may be struggling to sustain themselves financially. We hope to find ourselves in good health with the knowledge that there are those who are fighting for their lives against this virus. With all of these difficult thoughts I figured I
d focus on some silver linings.

1. Although I have been working more than I ever have as an administrator, I am also getting to spend a lot of time with my family, involved more with my childrens learning and cleaning closets that have not been touched since we moved into our house.

2. The honey-do list is finally complete. Oops. My wife just corrected me, not quite yet

3. People are getting outside more than ever.

4. Parents have the opportunity to read a complete book to their children.
5. We are all becoming experts in virtual

6. Everyone
s pets are stoked to have the

family at their disposal 24/7.
7. We are learning to appreciate what

kind of job being a teacher really is. ;-)

8. Spouses are able to see and enjoy each other more than just a couple hours a day.

9. A new social connection has been created: the elbow bump.

10. Washing hands thoroughly might stick around longer resulting in overall healthier habits.

There are so many silver liningsthat are unique to each of us and I welcome for you to share them with me via email or other social media. This is a time to be grateful for what we have and with whom we have to celebrate this life. We are grateful for the Rock Ridge families and kids who we are used to seeing most every day, giving us inspiration and smiles. Thank you.

Mr. Mosby, Principal
April 2020 Newsletter