April 2018 Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter
Posted on 04/09/2018
With our return from Spring Break, we enter the home stretch of the school year.  This is an exciting and busy time for our staff so please take note of upcoming events that are outlined within this newsletter.

More kids will be walking to and from school as well as strong a possibility for sudden storms moving into the area in the afternoon. Below are some friendly reminders to prepare you for spring as well as
help out RRE staff.

New Lost and Found at RRE
A big shout out to Collin Cacchione for making our new Lost and Found organizer. Students and parents are finding it a lot easier to find missing items with this new way to organize our items. Gone are the days of digging through baskets trying to find that missing lunch box, glove or jacket. Thank you!!!!

Express Check-In/Online Payments
As you may have noticed Rock Ridge has been moving towards online payments for the past year. Please start making payments for field trips and registering online through our RevTrak payment system as we move to a cashless practice at school. This is a safety issue as well as saving time for the front office. Thank you for your assistance with this. Should you have any questions please contact Denise Bird at: 303.387.5150.

Kiddo Forget Something at Home?
As a parent, I have been there when I realized my son or daughter forgot something at home after leaving for school. Rock Ridge will more than happily assist with getting these items to your children as quickly as possible. Due to the heavy work load of getting a school up and running (dealing with attendance, situating substitute teachers and supporting staff with their last minute needs are just some of these things), we appreciate your patience as most likely your child will not receive the dropped off items until around 10:30am.  Last minute messages need to be given to the front office no later than 3:00pm. After this time, we cannot guarantee message delivery due do to the  high volume of activity that we have during this time. We appreciate your consideration and as always will attempt to help in any way possible.

Lightning Protocol
Welcome to spring in Colorado and our awesome, crazy weather. With that said, please remember that with our lightning protocol, we will not release students if lightning is within a 6-mile radius inside of a 30 minute window. We will have a yellow flag on the flag pole to signal that we are currently following our lighting protocol. Should you wish to enter the building to retrieve your child you have that option. However, I would recommend waiting until we have deemed the area safe and begin releasing students.

Thank you everyone for making Rock Ridge Elementary a great place to learn. Remember, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”

Peter Mosby

Rock Ridge April 2018 Newsletter