RRE Spirit Week! September 26th-30th

RRE Spirit Week! September 26th-30th
Posted on 09/25/2016
Our spirit week will be held this week, September 26-30 and it's a first of it's kind here at RRE. 
StuCo decided to combine our spirit days with Digital Citizenship Week. As we dress up and show our spirit, we will also focus on some important topics of Digital Citizenship.  We thought it would be a fun way to raise awareness of this important topic. 
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Here is how the week will look...
Monday: Relationships & Community-Jersey Day
Tuesday: Digital Footprint & Reputation-Silly Socks and Shoes Day
Wednesday: Creative Credit & Copyright- Twin Day
Thursday: Internet Safety-Superhero Day
Friday: Privacy & Security- RRE Purple Day 
Students will have the opportunity to learn about and have discussions about these topics. 
StuCo has decided to donate the proceeds to Youth Education and Safety in Schools, Y.E.S.S.,  which is a program brought to us by the DC Sheriff Department. Please check out the link to learn more. 
We are asking that students donate 25 cents a day to participate.