Weekly Update

           Week Of August 12, 2017 






Math Beginning of Year Assessment 

-Back to School BBQ 5:00-7:00

- Fire Drill @ 9:15

-Beginning of Year Writing Assessment 

School Picture Day @ 12:55! 

← Music (Nezbeda) + Spanish (Mixed Group) → 

Overview: Welcome to the first FULL week of school, and a busy one it is. We took a few mini quick assessments last weeks and logged into out Google Classroom and emails! Also, Parent Contact forms were sent home onFriday. This week we have the Back to School BBQ, AND Picture Day! Those envelopes went home as well! 

IB Unit: The first IB Unit won’t start this week. We will be busy learning some vital functions on our Chromebooks. If time allows this week, we will start to look at the key features of a map (scale, key, rivers, mountains, cities, and capitals). 

Reading: There will be choices this week, where students work on assignments in class that I assign, but how/when they do them is their choice. We will be reading a narrative folk-tale this week, a free choice-read, reviewing basic parts of speech, and keyboarding practice! 

We will be discussing parts of a narrative (Setting, plot, character, resolution, etc.) 

Writing: Our autobiographies will be edited and published this week. 

We will also focus on writing complete sentences, and adding adjectives to adverbs to make complex sentences. 

Ask students to describe things at home or even at the dinners using their five senses to support adjectives! 

Math: I am super-excited that our grade is starting the Math EnVisions 2020 program this week. The first topic works with place value, rounding, and comparing numbers. This new Program involves a Story Problem of the Day and student accounts with Tutor Buddies and assignments I can assign! 


1. School BBQ on Tuesday @5:00

2. School Picture Day Wednesday. 

3. Bring Headphones for the year. 

4. No Homework THIS week (yet) 

5. Bring pack “CONTACT” forms.