Weekly Update

December 10-14, 2018

Music This Week

Monday 10

Candy Cane Sales all Week .25/each.

Tuesday 11

I-ready Test (9-10)

Wednesday 12

I-Ready Test (9-10)

Thursday 13

Book Report Due

Holiday Flyer Goes Home

Friday 14

Library Check-Out

    This week is a big week for us. We will I-Ready Midyear test Reading and Math his week, after assessing our midyear writing and AIMS Web Assessments on Friday. The book report is due this Thursday, I WILL NOT require spelling and reading this week, only math so students to may have time to work on the Book Report. I will also be sending home all four math assignments on Monday, still requiring only one math assignment each day. This way, you can just work around a busy week.

    Back by Popular demand, and after much researching, writing, and planning, our Colorado History Play is ready. The goal is for students to read and remember their lines over the Holiday Break, with practice sessions starting the new year, and a premier date on Presidents Week around February 20th.

    Our Planner continues with the Native American Tribes in Colorado, how they were influenced by the Spanish and European Explorers. Our Social Emotional Curriculum this week focuses on managing feelings of anxiety.

Spelling A : /SPL/SPR/STR words

Spelling B : Irregular Plurals

Spelling C : Possessives




This week we continue with division. We need more practice with compatible numbers, and then we move into division with remainders. We are still doing 80 minutes of math, split into four groups. I am frontloading Fractions on Khan Academy, we still start with a Story Problem of the day as Warm-up, and our fact check quiz this week is on Multiples of “Fours”.

I am so amazed at their writing progress!!!! It’s a mixed bag of writing this week. Students will write a letter to a president who banned Christmas! Yikes, it’s up to them on why Christmas should be celebrated, and not banned! (this is fake, and I can have alternate prompts if Christmas is a clash of family values)  Students will also learn personification, and write a narrative from the view of a Christmas Tree.

Grammar will continue to be a review of  Previous skills, which will be made into a Flip Chart using Post-its.

This week the text will have a primary focus on Native Americans. We will analyze, decode, and apply vocabulary in nonfiction text passages. This week is also keyboarding week, where students will practice 20 minute sessions of keyboarding, and students will get extra time to practice spelling since I am not requiring it at home this week.