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       A four day week for students, five for us and conferences. If you haven’t signed up yet, Click Here to sign up! This week is also Spirit Week and we will be busy prepping for conferences as well. Check out some pics from the FUN RUN and week in class as well on our class web page.

Second Step Overview Video (4:17)

Walk Walk Away Song (2:34)

Spelling: Depending on your list based on the Jan Richardson Spelling Assessment, students this week are following rules…

Group A - /ll/.../ff/.../ss/...blends   

Group B - ch, ph, th, sh, wh, tch blends

Group C - long /a/...

Grammar: We will also be practicing apostrophes in contractions.

Math: Topic 3 (and 4) are breaks from multiplication, we are NOT LETTING OFF that pedal though. Topic 3 is about place values and manipulating numbers to show the same value (ie. 423 is 42 tens and 3 ones).

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why the book is ordered that way, I do know that Topic 5 is Multiplication by one and two digit, so the facts are not going away!  

Writing: We will continue with Narrative writing and typing. It is crucial to be practicing keyboarding at home, as students can often write more than type at this stage.

Besides having three written pieces of their own to finish and write, students are co-op writing an informative essay on sympathy, empathy, and attentive listening this week.

Reading: Literacy groups continue with narrative novels and text. We focus on comprehension questions, inferencing, character feelings, word attack skills, and the meaning of unknown words.

One small group I  do during writing independent time, to fit the other four groups into our allotted Literacy Block”.

Who We Are: The IB until this week focuses how civilizations moved for water, mountains (protection), their food sources, or wealth. This is all slowly building up to out play (Which I will write over Fall Break) about the History of Colorado. Which is fourth grade content and state assessing.


Reading - 15 min daily.

Math - Practice or Enrichment Daily.

Spelling - Weekly

Book Report - Monthly.

Planner Signature - Daily

Snack - We are getting better at appropriate snacks! Thank you!!!!

Home Connection -

Discuss Hurricane Florence and see how student can empathize or sympathize with the victims of the hurricane.  

Ask students to find words in print that make short, long, or double vowels. Can be a sign, a menu at dinner, a label on a device.

Ice-cream (Ice has a magic /e/ and cream has a double vowel rule).

Ask a division fact, and state the quotient and inverse (Multiplication Sentence) of it.


8:20 - 8:35

Arrival/Soft Start

1:00 - 1:55

IB/Literacy I  

8:35 - 9:00

MTSS (Literacy)

1:55 - 2:10       


9:00 - 10:20


2:10 - 2:50

IB/Literacy II

10:20 - 11:05


2:15 - 3:05

Spanish ****

11:05 - 11:55


2:50 - 3:15

IB Planner

12:00 - 12:40


3:15 - 3:25

Pack + Stack

12:40 - 1:00

D.E.A.R/Read Aloud

3:25 - 3:30