Jakob Nezbeda

Fourth Grade 

Mr. Nezbeda 

Daily Update: 


March 26, 2020 

  1. Added Long Multiplication x 3 digits Assignment 

  2. Added Lawn Boy Chapter 2 Answer Key 

  3. Added Lawn Boy Chapter 3 Video + Questions 

  4. Added Virtual Recess Links 

  5. Remember: Five Paragraph Narrative Essay due tomorrow. 


  1. Math Quiz on Friday 

  2. SCR (Short Constructed Response) on Friday 


Welcome Rock Ridge families to another wonderful year! I am excited for the 2019-2020 year, as it is Rock Ridge’s thirtieth anniversary! This will be my Fourth year at Rock Ridge, thirteenth as a public educator, nineteenth working with youth, and second stint as a fourth grade teacher. I look forward to this year, integrating technology, putting a key focus on reading, and making this the year of growth for my classroom and myself! 

A little about myself, this is my twelfth year teaching in public schools, and eighteenth year working with youth. While some things remain steady, I am also learning every single year, as much as I teach. I do your “staple” Colorado stuff, ski, hike, camp, play volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Other hobbies are musicals, comedy works, and Amazon.com has found a way into my pocket book. I've also learned to enjoy working on cars, and learning country dancing. We are also raising a tripod doggie, full of energy and excitement!!!

The year will be full of opportunity, growth, challenges, obstacles, communication, and success. We're in it together. My email is jnezbeda@dcsdk12.org, or use the "CONTACT ME" TAB. I work hard to have a 24 hour turnaround response. You may always call the office in case of an immediate emergency at 303-387-5150. I send weekly updates of overviews on what we are working in class. And example of one is just below. More to come, we’ll iron out the wrinkle in time!