*Online Learning"

Please refer to this page as much as possible to see which assignment's your child has for our online learning the next few weeks.

Week of March 30-April 3:
*Please refer to my email I sent on Friday March 27 for further clarification*

-Each day this week your child should complete these must-do's for reading and writing and then for math as well. If you go into my email I sent with this document on Friday 3/27 you can click on the blue links and it will take you directly to those sources.
-Please feel free to email me with any questions

-We will try to have a class Zoom each day at 10:30. Participation is optional. I will send the Zoom link each morning in my daily announcements. 

Reading/Writing must do
math must do
This week's Specials: PE

Hey Rockridge,

Your specials class this week happens to be PE, wahoo! These lessons are meant for K-6th grade students, and can be modified as such. The way this will work, I have one larger overall task for you to complete during the week. This weeks, is to build your own putt-putt golf hole in your house. I have created a video explaining this portion of your week, and even made my own golf hole as an example. I also will be assigning daily short fitness challenges/activities throughout the week via my google classroom page, and through this email. If you have any questions please email me at alentz@dcsdk12.org, I can also be found on twitter @CoachLentzPE. My office hours are between 2:00-3:00 during the week, I'll will be responding to emails during this time.

Google Classroom class code: tez72eg

Stay safe and stay active!

-Coach Lentz